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This Is Us
About Us
Ready to help you discover What's Next

Our Founder

Many people refer to Tricia Macmanus as a Swiss Army Knife for her tendency to learn and retain a wide assortment of knowledge of skills. Tricia seeks out challenges that need creative solutions. She is known for her creative problem-solving skills and her ability to see things others don’t. Her experience is both broad and deep — having played pivotal roles in marketing and workplace experience and advising organizations on employee experience and change management.

She has a great ability to create clarity and purpose when faced with ambiguity. She played a central role in converting a 1.2M square foot abandoned shopping mall into a one-of-a-kind, award-winning workplace.

Our Mindset

At TMac Design, we have a passion for What’s Next.  And What’s Next can span the spectrum — from established organizations looking to launch a marketing campaign or change their internal environment — to those looking to launch an entirely new business.  And sometimes you just need help figuring out What’s Next. We can help you with that too.

From market research and design strategy to brand identity and experience design — we thrive on new beginnings and transformation.  

We welcome the opportunity to help you discover What’s Next and make it happen.

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