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Brand Identity
EnvironmentalConsulting Firm
Inspired by nature

Project Challenge

Texas-based J&L Consulting provides environmental due diligence services for all phases of project planning and development — everything from pedestrian trail construction and erosion control to environmental mitigation and habitat assessments. They needed a new logo — something more unique than their existing logo and something that represented the various pieces of the environment with which they worked.

Drawing Inspiration

Design Approach

Drawing inspiration from nature, we gathered imagery — animals, trees, grasses, water, rocks, dirt, and focused on those found in Texas. In particular, we looked at bird forms as birds are one of J&L’s passions and a primary reason they are in the environmental business.

The Solution

Bringing together imagery and colors that represent water, trees, grass and wildlife, we developed a logo that took the form of a heron, the owner’s favorite bird. And we were able to add a small fishhook to the letter L — a little something extra to the owner whose favorite hobby is fishing.

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