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Video Production& Editing
A story about one organization's impact on the community

Project Challenge

After TMac Design transformed J&L Consulting’s logo, they asked for our assistance in creating a video to support their bid for the coveted award of Texas Arborist of the Year.


It was important to consider the full story. J&L didn’t just happen on this work and it didn’t happen overnight. Historic flooding pushed Bexar County and the City of San Antonio to find a way to improve things. The circumstances of the historic flooding needed to be part of the story, so we researched accordingly.

The Solution

Utilizing drone footage of the primary creek where work was completed along with relevant news clips, we edited and transformed audio and video to illustrate the significance of J&L Consulting’s role. Their work encompassed eight dam improvement projects, 63 improved low water crossings, 142 High Water Alert Lifesaving Technology (HALT) sites, more than 1,500 homes removed from the flood plain. TMac Design was proud to help J&L Consulting display their contribution to improving safety for and bring peace of mind to the community.

Marketing Campaign
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