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Interior Graphics
Grand Central

Project Challenge

A field sales office for a technology company was moving to midtown Manhattan. Although they wanted to reflect the overall company brand, they had a desire to do it in a unique way — one that would keep employees engaged and show off New York City.

Design Approach

It is always one of our goals to do something as unique as possible while also recognizing cultural elements. We might enhance photos to include branding from a client or create something solely from scratch to look like it was always that way, for example, like we did here in this New York City office.

We used one of our go-to materials for the conference room glass, optically clear film, so that employees could see through on either side. With a panoramic image of Grand Central terminal incorporating the client’s logos and icons, we ran the image across the width of 3 conference room in succession.

Like its other offices, we also had to incorporate the Core Values. They fell nicely into place with the subway theme.

The Solution

We accomplished our client’s goals by using the city’s iconic transport system — Grand Central, MTA signage colors/font, maps and the iconic subway tile mosaic. The highly recognizable circles were also pulled into the conference room chair upholstery.

Interior Graphics