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Interior Graphics
Bestof British
A very British office indeed

Project Challenge

As the Rackspace London campus expanded, we were challenged with making the new office space just as unique as the original where they had already captured their true brand expression. Creating something unique for the new space was table stakes.


One of the more impactful considerations to our design approach were the Rackspace core values, in particular, the value of Full Transparency. It ultimately ended up being a literal translation in our final product, using optically clear film to print artwork for glass enclosed rooms, allowing visibility from both sides. Where specific imagery we wanted was not available, we took it upon ourselves to recreate the imagery using various techniques.

The Solution

On the ground floor, we highlighted British landmarks, traditions, and royal residences. We even hired a London graffiti artist to add some characteristically British accents throughout the first floor. The second floor was themed around James Bond, so it was easy to have some fun with conference rooms and other parts of the office.

Video Production& Editing